March against Monsanto

The March against Monsanto happened a couple of weeks ago, but I still think about it often.  In Zurich, it seemed like there were about 140 people who had come to gather.  There wasn’t press coverage…but I was impressed that so many people were there.  There were families with small children, punks, fashionistas, hippies, older ’68ers (what they call the first wave hippies here in Switzerland), college students all walking together and demonstrating peacefully for safe, healthy food. My 4 year-old son and I went together, and we discussed why were there, and why it’s an important issue.

Things are safer in Switzerland at the moment, but I think that people should have awareness so they can make informed choices.  Consumers‘ demands create a market, and our food should not only taste good, but nourish our health and well-being.

11. Juni 2013 von Helen Lyu Abt
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Akkupunktur, Acupunktur und andere Varianten

acupunktur oder akkupunktur

Akupunktur schreibt man „Akupunktur“ – mir sind schon viele Schreibweisen begegnet. Phonetischer: Akopunktur oder englischer: Acupunktur und am häufigsten: Akkupunktur – was ich ganz sympatisch finde, denn Akupunktur kann die Batterien/Akkus durchaus aufladen.

24. Mai 2013 von Helen Lyu Abt
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